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Live performances for ages 3+

Book an outdoor performance with us during the summer months! Our shows come to you in a traveling theatre. These 1 hour shows are great for libraries, community venues, or a day school/camp program.


By Jose Casas and Sandy Asher

Two neighbors live side-by-side in Texas. A low fence separates their gardens, but much more divides them from one another. One neighbor grows flowers; the other raises vegetables. One was born in the United States; the other, in Mexico. One speaks English; the other; Spanish. Their differences have kept them so far apart that if one predicts a sunny day, the other is certain of rain. Even the arrival of a caterpillar causes disagreement — until the resulting mariposa/butterfly and its eventual departure unites them in wonder, in sadness, and in a new understanding of the beautiful world they share.

Recommended for ages 3+

Arts In Education

You want to bring the best to your students, but traditional classroom instruction doesn’t always fully engage every student. At Trike Theatre, we help educators activate arts integration strategies to bring the energy, creativity, and passion students need to improve behavior, enhance social and emotional skills, and master their learning goals.

Attend a performance, bring a Trike show to your school, join our professional development sessions, or customize a workshop or residency to meet the needs of your school or organization. You’ll have the opportunity to work with professional, engaging teaching artists who will help you infuse the power of the arts into your curriculum to increase your students’ academic success, cultivate emotional wellbeing, and build 21st century skills like creativity and problem-solving.

360 Trike-sperience

Arts Integration for Primary Grades PK-2nd

2022-2023 Season

Three Billy Goats Gruff

  • PreK-2nd
  • WATCH live performance
  • S.E.L & LITERACY: Deepen understanding of Social Emotional Learning and Literacy through creative exercises.
  • INCLUDES A performance guide, storybook, retelling props, and access to virtual teacher professional development and additional online resources.


With the audience’s help, two trolls retell the scariest story known to their tribe. On their journey, they get lost in the forest! Tempted by the mystery of the chest, Herb and Bog decide to take a peek revealing the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. Find out if the hungry Billy Goats Gruff can outwit the mean troll who lives under the bridge, and reach the delicious green meadow!

Colgate Classroom Series

Arts Integration for Grades 3rd-5th

2022-2023 Series info coming soon!

What Teachers are saying

  • The experience helped children understand ways to express their feelings that align with the Choose Love movement.

    Kindergarten Teacher
  • My kids knew the story forwards, backwards, and upside down!!!  I had some kids retelling stories that had never done so before.

    PreK Teacher
  • Students being able to hear, see and read immersive language skills was incredible. Majority of our students are ELL (English Language Learners), so it was really sweet to see them lead out on the Spanish reading.

    1st Grade Teacher
  • Trike has exposed my students to live performances, different stories, and vocabulary.

    PreK Teacher

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