Check back in August of 2020 for Season Audition Info

Parents, please note Trike annual professional auditions are primarily for adults.
For additional performance opportunities for youth year round, please visit our Academy Page.

Summer 2020 Production Camp Auditions:

Check back in Spring 2020 for Production Camp Auditions!

For Young Artists:

Why Audition?

Are you curious about what a professional rehearsal experience is like? Trike’s summer production camps give our young artists an immersive experience that results in a weekend of public performances! Your artist will work with professional directors, choreographers, and designers as they spend their days rehearsing the show. This is a fantastic way to learn about what goes into making a professional production happen!

Beyond the Stage

Our auditions create a safe space for your young artist to experience the audition process that professional actors go through every day. This experience will help increase confidence, and better prepare them to perform in front of crowds as well, giving them beneficial practice at auditioning.

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