To Cultivate Creativity, Build Character and Strengthen Communities.


To transform the lives of young people through exceptional theatre experiences.



We gather here today on the ancestral lands that were home to the Quapaw, Caddo, and Osage people. We acknowledge and show respect to these indigenous people that occupied this land in the past, in the present, and those who will occupy them in the future. We acknowledge the ties these tribes had with the land in both spirit and with natural resources and hope that what we do here today will honor the legacy that Native people continue to build.



Trike Theatre is firmly committed to ensuring that our programs, productions and our daily processes in serving our community are firmly grounded in diversity, equity, and inclusion. At Trike Theatre, we believe that each one of us should play an instrumental role in creating a more diverse, equitable and inclusive world that changes lives.

Diversity means individual and group uniqueness based on race, language, ethnicity, nationality, age, gender, sexual orientation, class, religious belief, physical, and neurological ability within our community. Trike Theatre is committed to reflecting our diverse community through our choices of staffing, leadership, volunteers, program/production choices, and the people we serve.

Equity means being fair, unbiased, and just to our employees, artists, patrons, and participants to ensure all have equal access to opportunities within our community. Trike Theatre is committed on and off the stage, to treating all people with respect and to provide training, resources, and an environment where all have access

Inclusion means intentionally identifying, recruiting, and collaborating to ensure that diverse voices are present, valued, and active in all aspects of our programming. Trike Theatre is committed to learning more about the communities we serve so that we can be an advocate for specific needs and continue to support the educational system by strengthening 21st century skills for our youth and families.


A 360˚ Theatre Experience…
that empowers young people and families. The 360˚ theatre experience is Trike Theatre’s DNA – the lens through which we view and program everything. It is reflected in our three programs (Theatre for Youth, Academy and Outreach). And in each of those programs, participants will SEE, LEARN and DO.

Building Community
We create a safe, inclusive space where we all take risks, celebrate our mistakes, find our artistic voices by deepening and expanding our individual talents. We create community through our classes, production ensembles, and through our events. We are a catalyst for bringing together the larger community through our productions and partnerships.

The Creative Process
We celebrate the messy and joyful creative process. We give everyone permission to play, experiment and encourage sharing, reflection, imagination, exploration and creating work that is original and of value.Odyssey Experience Arrow pic_crop

Cultivating courage builds empathy and the self-confidence that allows the imagination to flourish. Individual Courage to take risks, make mistakes, speak out, stand up for what’s right, understand another point of view. Group Courage to support each other, try new things and work together to tell compelling stories. Artistic Courage to push ourselves toward new artistic experiences that challenge and inspire both staff and our students.

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