Theatre Academy

What is Theatre Academy?



In Trike’s Theatre Academy classes and camps young actors dive deep into the creative process, building their dramatic, social and academic skills through Theatre.


Professional Training Builds Life Skills

Young actors build life skills as they train for the stage. Learning to control their body, voice, imagination, concentration and cooperation makes young actors more successful on stage, but also in the classroom, workplace and greater community. We train young actors to be self aware, think critically and creatively, be flexible when collaborating, take initiative as leaders, and effectively communicate with their team members.

We Encourage Creativity

We celebrate the messy and joyful creative process. Young actors are given permission to play, experiment and are encouraged to share, reflect, imagine, explore and create work that is original and of value.

We Cultivate Courage

Cultivating courage builds empathy and the self-confidence that allows the imagination to flourish. Individual Courage to take risks, make mistakes, speak out, stand up for what’s right, understand another point of view. Group Courage to support each other, try new things and work together to tell compelling stories. Artistic Courage to push ourselves toward new artistic experiences that challenge and inspire both staff and our students.

We Build Community

We create a safe, inclusive space where we all take risks, celebrate our mistakes, and find our artistic voices by deepening and expanding our individual talents. We do this by building community within the the classroom through interactive theatre games. These games help break the ice as young actors make new friends and challenge students to continually develop some of the most basic and crucial theatre skills.

Check out the video to the right to hear what some young actors and parents think about Trike.