Frequently Asked Questions


View our 2020 Trike iCademy Virtual Fall Class FAQ sheet HERE


Q: What is Process Sharing and Performance Sharing? What’s the difference? 

A: Performance Sharing is what most people are used to seeing at the end of a performance class. It can also be called a “recital”. In Trike Academy, a class that is focused on a polished theatrical product is a Performance Sharing. Parents, family, and friends are invited as spectators to the finished product.

Process Sharing breaks what we in Theatre call, “the fourth wall” (the imaginary wall where the audience is seated.) In Trike Academy, Process Sharing invites parents, family, and friends to be classroom participants.  Students are prompted by their teaching artists to demonstrate key skills they have learned in class. Occasionally parents are asked to join their young artist “onstage” which reinforces the knowledge that the skills acquired can be repeated at home. Process sharing primarily takes place in our PreK4-2nd Grade classes.

Q: How does online enrollment work?  I don’t see a place to put my child’s name.

A: When enrolling on our website, please use your name to enroll your child. After your enrollment has been submitted, our system will send you an automatic email titled, “Important Announcement about…(Camp/Class Name)” This email will give you a link to our Academy Consent Form. This form is how we receive all important details about your child.

  • If you do not see this email, please check your spam folder.
  • The consent form is easier to complete on a computer/laptop rather than a cell phone.
  • If you have trouble completing the consent form online, please email for a hard copy.
  • Please make sure to use an email address you check frequently to avoid missing an important announcement.


Q: I enrolled in a camp/class and I received a confirmation, but no additional information.   Did I miss something?

A: One week before camps/classes begin, we will send you our First Day Letter. This letter will cover the course schedule in detail, a staff list, expected attire for you child and other information that will ensure a great experience at Trike!

Q: I enrolled in a camp/class and I DID NOT receive a confirmation and it doesn’t show up on my bank statement. Does it take awhile for the payment to go through?

A: No. Payments are usually processed immediately when you enroll through our website.  If you did not receive a confirmation through Vendini, we have not received your payment. The most likely reason this occurred is because your internet was trying to switch networks or was not connected to a reliable network. Please do not hesitate to contact us to confirm this.  We are happy to help!


Q: How do I apply for an Academy Scholarship?  What types do you offer?

A: Applications for our Scholarships are available on our Register for Camps & Classes page under Academy. We award 20%, 50%, and 80% scholarships each semester based on need.  Applications may be downloaded from our website and submitted either digitally to or submitted to our offices in person at:

902 SW 2nd St., STE. F, Bentonville, AR


Q: How young can a student be to enroll in Trike Academy?

A: We generally ask that our littles be at least four years old at the time class begins. What we are really looking for is, are they currently in Pre-K4 and if not, are they familiar with a classroom environment and can they use the bathroom without assistance. If you have any questions, please email



Q: Are summer camps for the grade students are in now or the grade they are going into?

A: Enrollment for all of our summer camps should be for the grade your young artist will be in for the upcoming Fall.

Q: Are lunches provided at Trike summer camps?

A: Lunches are not provided by Trike Theatre.

  • For Full Day camps, your young artist should bring a NUT FREE lunch, two NUT FREE SNACKS, and a REFILLABLE WATER BOTTLE.
  • For Half Day camps, your young artist should bring one NUT FREE SNACK and a REFILLABLE WATER BOTTLE.


Q: What is The Ambassador’s Program?

The Trike Ambassador Program is a chance for young artists, grades 9th-12th to represent Trike Theatre by participation in community events and interactions with the public. These young artists should have personal experience with Trike programs and the transformative power of Trike Theatre experiences.

 Benefits of becoming a Trike Ambassador:
  • Community Building: Participation and networking at community events by representing Trike.
  • Artist Liason:  By being a voice for their peers, Ambassadors can help Trike better understand the needs of young artists.
  • Peer Leader: Ambassadors develop critical social skills to support newer young artists.
  • Skills Acquisition: Confidence in public speaking skills, increased social intelligence, greater empathy.
  • Professional Development: Opportunities to participate in professional workshops, events, and lectures.
Pre-Requirements & How to Apply:
  • Students must be entering or currently enrolled in high school (grades 9th-12th)
  • Students must have completed at least three of any of the following:
    • Trike Academy Classes
    • Trike Academy Camps
    • Trike Productions (Either summer camps or professional productions with Trike)
  • If the prospective student meets the above criteria, please email the following to Head of Academy, Chris Tennison,
    • A cover letter expressing interest in the program and describe why you would be a good ambassador for Trike Theatre
    • Two letters of recommendation (preferably not from a family member)

Please note, Ambassador opportunities are subject to availability. Not all Ambassadors who apply are chosen for every project. Event attendance will be required yet flexible. Ambassadors are volunteers for Trike Theatre and no tuition is required.