Dramatic Book Club

What is it?

101611-arts-books-pete-the-cat-h1-ssDramatic Book Club is a drama-based emergent literacy program that that utilizes creative drama and theatre performance strategies to enrich prekindergarten students’ literacy skills. Specifically designed for students ages three to five years old, Dramatic Book Club visits pre-kindergarten classrooms and libraries throughout the Northwest Arkansas area. This program enables educators and parents to deepen their understanding of how to incorporate literacy-based creative arts activities into the lives of young children.

About the Workshop

This unique arts integration outreach program centers around a 30-minute workshop that kinesthetically engages preschoolers as they play in a particular story, find solutions to problems, explore environments, predict outcomes, build vocabulary, and forge connections. The Dramatic Book Club workshop structure, 10x10x10 (Present, Prepare and Process) is consistent whether it is presented at pre-kindergarten centers or libraries.

Can I attend?

Yes! This program is funded in part through an Arts in Education grant from the Arkansas Arts Council, an agency of the Department of Arkansas Heritage, and by the National Endowment for the Arts. That means it is free to the public at local libraries!

For more information contact Chelsey Herrold, Outreach Manager at chelsey@triketheatre.org or 479.326.4012