Youth Theatre Productions


Trike Theatre’s Summer Academy Youth Theatre Productions join professional theatre artists with young actors* to provide an in-depth learning experience. While working together to stage a full-scale production, these young actors learn about the onstage and backstage elements of theatre and are challenged to grow as actors and community members throughout the rehearsal process. Young actors not only become better theatre artists, but also grow valuable character traits that will benefit them away from the stage.

These productions feature only young performers in the cast. Our goals are to develop a company of young actors who trust each other, take artistic risks, work as an ensemble to present a well crafted performance and deepen their acting skills.

The Audition & Casting Process for Youth Theatre Productions

    • All young actors interested in participating in a Youth Theatre Production must register for an audition slot to audition. This is a great opportunity for them to start practicing the skill of auditioning.
    • Each actor will be asked to perform a one-minute comedic monologue. We prefer for it to be memorized, although it is not required. Let us know if you need help finding a monologue.
    • After auditions, students will be notified whether or not they have been cast as part of the “ensemble”. Students will not be given a part before rehearsals begin. Once the ensemble has formed and the directors have extensively worked with students on scenes and characters from the play, specific roles will be assigned by the second day of rehearsal.
    • We understand that for many young actors this will be their first time through the audition process and would like it to be a positive, fun experience! Please read our Audition Tips to help you prepare for the audition day.