Theatre For Youth

What is Theatre For Youth?

Odyssey Experience Crown picIn Theatre for Youth productions, professional artists perform for youth and family audiences. Each production is an interactive experience, encouraging audience members to look, listen, and participate with movement and sound. Deeper connections are made through pre-show interactive lobby experiences, family play guides and post-play discussions.

Theatre For Youth Productions are performed in schools and community theater spaces throughout the state of Arkansas, for school groups. Occasionally these productions are made available to the wider community as well.

If you would like to get your school involved contact, Kassie Misiewicz at for more information.

Theatre For Youth Productions


Digging Up Arkansas

In partnership with Walton Arts Center | 2010 – Present

DUA 3 Digging Up Arkansas is an original play that tells the story of three writers from the Federal Writer’s Project who invite students to think about historic artifacts before President Roosevelt’s scheduled arrival in Arkansas. They explore historical Arkansas moments and discover how Communication, Cooperation, Courage and Culture have shaped our state’s history.

Read the Performance Guide to learn more about Digging Up Arkansas

Bear State of Mind

In partnership with Walton Arts Center | 2012-2015

Bear State Photo 2 Bear State of Mind is an original play that tells the story of an Arkansas Black Bear lost in the woods. Separated from his family, Bear travels the state of Arkansas where he meets new friends, Owl, Mockingbird and Woodpecker. His journey leads him through three of Arkansas’ geographic regions and uncovers native wildlife, folklore and symbols.

Playwright Ashley Edwards, songwriter Shannon Wurst and Trike Theatre share their love for Arkansas’ unique beauty in this special performance of Bear State of Mind, an original play produced and presented by Walton Arts Center.

Read the Performance Guide to learn more about Bear State of Mind