NWA’s Theatre for Youth: Find Your Character

Imagine a place you always feel welcome. Where you have fun getting to know yourself and new friends — preparing for the rest of your life by performing, learning, and maybe even learning to teach theatre.

Theatre Camps and Classes

Trike Academy offers a complete range of theatre classes and camps in the Fall and Spring, and performance and adventure camps in the Summer. For ages 4-18 — no experience necessary!

Theatre in Education

Teachers know learning is social. That’s why you should incorporate the interactive 360 Trike-sperience to your curriculum. Enhance Social and Emotional Learning through theatre performance, discussion and engaging exercises.

See Trike Productions

At Trike Theatre, we teach a love of theatre by seeing, learning and doing it! You can pick and choose productions with your kids and friends. But we recommend seeing all of our productions.

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Picture the most inventively awful kids in history. That’s the Herdmans. Now imagine having to put on a Christmas pageant with those kids ‘volunteering’ for the best parts. 

birdie and the beanstalk

Jack has gone up the beanstalk, leaving his little sister Birdie below as the lookout. Birdie wants to help Jack, but something is stopping her…

The Jungle Book

Deep in an Indian jungle skulks the tiger Shere Khan. Mowgli, a human girl, must learn the language of the jungle to face this fierce hunter down.


Give ‘til It Hurts

Trike Theatre exists to recognize and cultivate young people’s creativity, build their character and strengthen communities. All through fun! But we can only do that with our own community’s support. Plus, Trike is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. So, your donation is 100% tax deductible next year and you’re making a 100% difference today.