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There are so many ways to learn theatre and so many things theatre teaches us. You can join a professional production. Specialize in music and dancing — or learn to write scripts. Co-create fantastic stories with costumes. Or learn production, from building sets to creating a lighting plan or operating sound equipment.

Theatre Classes for Kids, 4-18

Trike Academy theatre classes are like fun camps — just weekly hour-long indoor camps! And we’ve seen that having fun doing theatre is the best way to learn. Ever! Register today to ensure your space.


Trike Academy theatre camps are like extended theatre classes but with whole weeks of fun. But Trike’s camps fill up faster than a kid’s summer goes by. Register early.


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Academy Class FAQ

Do you host classes outside of bentonville?

Yes, though they do vary by semester. You can check out our most frequent venue partners on our Community Partners page.

I've already enrolled, what do i need to know?

First of all, YAY and WELCOME! Second, we send out first day letters with policies, important dates and more on the Thursday before an Academy class begins. If your class is on Thursday, you will receive your letter one week before that day.

How many days of class can we miss?

We understand that sickness, appointments and emergencies happen. But attendance matters because it allows your young artist to fully experience the class and teaches them accountability and their value to the team! Many of our classes involve group/team work, so others will depend on them to attend for overall success. Please notify Trike with any expected days you might miss, so that we can plan accordingly. Students should try not to miss more than one class.

What is the earliest age children can enroll?

Our smallest artists should be at least four years old at the time class begins. What really matters is, are they currently in Pre-K4? If not, are they familiar with a classroom environment and can they use the bathroom without assistance?

How do you select your employees and what training do they have?
All Trike employees undergo background checks before their contract starts. In addition to this, our academy staff are hired from the professional or academic theatre world, are trained educators and theatre practitioners and are also trained to follow protocol for:
• Two-deep leadership policies – at least two adults in a room with any number of children
• Mandatory Reporting 
• First Aid/CPR
How do I apply for an academy scholarship?

See our Scholarship application form. We award 20%, 50%, and 80% scholarships each semester based on need.

Are Classes drop-off and pick-up only?

Yes! Please allow your young artist to be fully immersed in the experience without distraction, by dropping them off and picking them up each day of camp. Our team works hard to make sure our young artists are in a safe, fun and comfortable environment each day. However, if you’d like to stay and observe, we’re happy to accommodate. Please let our teaching artists know ahead of time.

Do you offer adult acting classes?

At this time, we are not offering adult acting classes.

Can I enroll in a class on the day it starts?

As a general policy, we are not able to allow same day enrollment. As we continue to expand our programming, we require more time to prepare before each semester. To reflect this, our enrollment is scheduled to close TWO DAYS before a class is scheduled to begin. The exception to this are our Tuesday classes which are scheduled to close the SATURDAY before a class begins.

Theatre scholarships ensure everyone’s welcome!

Based on need, Gwen Edwards Memorial Scholarships award up to 80% in tuition waivers. But space in these acting classes for kids is limited and so are the funds. So, the earlier you apply the better.