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Tours 2021

Outdoor Fall Tour: La Tortuga and the Hare 

October-December 2021

Trike is taking the beloved Little Trike performance on the road! Our 2021 launch of Trike’s Traveling Theatre features the bilingual production, La Tortuga and the Hare for young audiences and families. This intimate, interactive performance is filled with great music, humor and heart-warming moments as La Tortuga and the Hare take the journey to the party (fiesta)!

What's Included

What's Included

  • A 30 minute performance (no intermission)
  • A 15 minute pre-show activity
  • A 15 minute post-show activity

Venue Requirements

Venue Requirements

  • Electrical: standard 115v 15amp outdoor GFCI outlet
  • Space: 50ft x 20ft (Outdoor ONLY)
  • Seating (optional): NOTE Audience members are invited to sit on the ground to be among the actors, as this is an interactive show (unless the booking venue provides seating otherwise).



  • $900 / Local Performance
  • $1,500 / Two Performance (Same day and location)
  • 30% non-refundable deposit is due upon booking. Remaining balance due on performance date.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Little Trike Shows are interactive shows geared towards children 8 years and younger! Also enjoyed by older children and adults, too.

We ask that guests refrain from photo and video during the live performance. We encourage photos to be taken before and after the performance with our actors!  Don’t forget to post and tag @triketheatre on social media.

It is our desire to complete every performance, and we will make every effort to “raise the curtain” and finish each show despite light rainfall.

In the event of heavy rains, winds, or other event that might interrupt the show, we may delay the start of the show for no longer than 15 minutes, or the completion of the show in the hope that the weather will clear. Announcements will be made informing audience members of “holds.” We may also pause to take precautions to ensure the safety and health of the performers and crew.

Staff and actors reserve the right to reschedule or suggest to relocate with the help of the booking contact person. The show is flexible when needed, and if extreme weather conditions occur, the show can be taken indoors to continue the performance!

Contact for questions.

All Little Trike theatre productions include a Trike staff led pre-show warmup that families can optionally participate in.  This activity helps our youngest audience members prepare for the show they are about to see both physically and mentally. Our post-show activity includes announcements, Q/A, and opportunities to take photos.

Our traveling theatre summer tour is an OUTDOOR theatre performance. See our venue requirements and weather policy for more information.

Complete our Tour Request Form. The Request Form is not a guarantee for tour date and time. A minimum of 48 hours is recommended for processing requests. Once your Request Form is complete, our Box Office staff will contact you to confirm rate and availability, followed by an invoice emailed to the contact name listed in your form. 

Your booking is official only upon submission of the completed form, confirmation from Trike Theatre Box Office and a non-refundable 30% deposit of the total cost.

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