A Note from the Director

Owning your perspectives in the world is a powerful thing. Who we are, what we believe, and what we stand for are complex identities that shift and change as we move through life. We may believe one thing, then meet someone with a different story or lived experience – then POOF! – our mind opens to accommodate this new information, and a new perspective is born. Through this play, our ensemble invites us to consider how perspectives come to be, how we arrive at them, and what it takes to “see the world in a different way.” We invite you to join us in exploring the complications of holding onto our perspectives and the joy in shifting our perspectives to illuminate new ways of thinking, living, and caring for one another.”  -Meg Greene


The Next Gen Project

Conceived and written by Addie Lundy, Grayson Reckner, Thatcher Reckner, Kate Rockwood, McKenna Ruiz & Matthew Bragg 

Friday, May 20 | 7:00pm

Saturday, May 21 | 3:00pm & 7:00pm


Since September, our ensemble of artists has imagined, written, and devised an original work around the theme of “Perspective.” We’ve explored questions like: Where do we get our perspectives? How can perspective change? How can perspectives hurt people/communities? How do we gain new perspectives? How can perspectives become stuck? All of the stories in the play are autobiographical and/or crafted by the ensemble, and reflect our artists’ experiences in the world. Our stories explore how different identities shape our perspectives, such as being diagnosed with Type One Diabetes, struggling with mental health, being LGBTQ+; how social media skews our perspectives on the world and ourselves; and how to grapple with perspectives that you don’t agree with.

About the Director(s)

Meg Greene (Director) Hailing from Ohio, the Heart of it All, Meg pursued her early career as an actor. She quickly shifted directions when she fell passionately in love with community engaged theatre work. She holds an MFA in Drama and Theatre for Youth & Communities from the University of Texas. As an applied theatre artist, she has worked with school based programs, grief and healing communities, juvenile detention centers and with military youth experiencing deployment. She specializes in arts integration, digital storytelling practices, devising tools, and playwriting to amplify youth voice. Her teaching artist work spans Columbus OH, Washington DC, Exeter UK, and Austin working with organizations such as UT’s Drama for Schools, the University of Exeter, ZACH Theatre, Arena Stage, Young Playwrights’ Theater and Imagination Stage. She believes deeply in the power of youth voice to shake up systems and change the world. She believes in the power of story to ignite empathy and connect across divides. And she believes in the power of play – sometimes we all need a good dance party!


Grayson Reckner (Assistant Director) is in 12th grade. His previous credits include lead in production of M.A.S.H, Night of Winter One Acts: (Action News, Who Wants to be a Cheerleader, The Rise and Fall of Agapatus), Peter/Wendy, and The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, and Alexander Who’s Not Not Not Not Not Not Going to Move. He enjoys writing original works, sketch comedy and being a professional awesome person. He would like to give a shout out to the wonderful audience, for without them, there would no longer be anyone to share this amazing show with.

Production Team

Director…. Meg Greene
Music Director…. Grayson Reckner
Stage Manager…. Sam Morris
Head of Production …. Shannon Miller
Lighting Design…. Matt Bragg and Elijah DeWitt
Prop Design…. Next Gen Ensemble
Projection Design…. Matt Bragg
Costume Design…. Next Gen Ensemble
Original Music…. Isaac Sides
Scenic Artist…. Next Gen Ensemble
Scenic Design…. Next Gen Ensemble
Sound Design…. Matt Bragg
Scenic Painters…. Elijah DeWitt and Laiken Montgomery


*Evelyn Longwell

*Addie Lundy    

*Uma Kyles      

 Thatcher Reckner

*Kate Rockwood

*Caroline Sanders 

*Ameya Nambiar        



*Member of TRAC-Trike Theatre’s Resident Acting Company. TRAC is a 9 month training program that gives young artists experience working on our Mainstage productions, both onstage and off. This program brings young artists of all backgrounds together to build foundational skills, cultivate strong bonds and connections between the young artists in our community, and build the next generation of artists in Northwest Arkansas. For more information on this program, please contact Chris Tennison at chris@triketheatre.org


Cast Bios

Addie Lundy is in 9th grade. Her favorite performance credits include Trike Theatre’s Narnia, Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse, Tiger in My Soup, Next Gen, Alice in Wonderland, Peter/Wendy, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and Alexander Who’s Not Not Not Not Not Not Going to Move. She enjoys Acting and fun fact: she collects buttons. She would like the thank her plant, Dexter as well as her new plants whose names she has forgotten.


Thatcher Reckner is in 9th grade. His previous performance credits include, The Birthday of The Infanta (Narrator) Trike Theatre’s The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (Leroy Herdman) and Short Stories of Oscar Wilde. He loves musicals including Hamilton, In The Heights, and Les Mis. He loves reading, playing the piano, basketball, football and baking. He would like to thank his mom and older brother for helping him prepare for this show. He would like to thank his family for helping him and supporting him and being awesome. He would also like to thank Lin-Manuel Miranda for making him fall in love with theater and the awesome people at Trike that make these shows possible.


Isaac Sides is in 8th grade. His previous performance credits include multiple locations: The Studio Theatre-Ralphie Parker, A Christmas Story the Musical, Bruce Bogtrotter, Matilda, King Agnarr/Oaken, Frozen Jr. Argenta Community Theatre-Ensemble, Ragtime. Arts Live Theatre-Clarence, It’s a Wonderful Life and Trike Theatre’s The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and Alexander Who’s Not Not Not Not Not Not Going to Move. He enjoys piano, choir, Dungeons and Dragons, robotics, writing plays, and singing. He would like to thank Trike for allowing him the opportunity to learn and grow in his love of theatre.



Evelyn Longwell is in 7th grade. Her previous performance credits include Trike Theatre’s Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse (Lilly) Peter Pan (Curly/Jane) Junie B Jones (Lennie) Shakespeare Camp – As You Like It (Duke) and Peter/Wendy (Peter). She would like to thank her family for their support and help with this show. I would also like to thank my two friends, Meg and Aylin, for helping me memorize my lines. I also thank my fellow cast members, for being kind and supportive, as well as just some cool people.



Ameya Nambiar is in 8th grade. Her previous performance credits include, The Ugly Duckling and Trike Theatre’s The Jungalbook. She loves singing and playing the piano. She would like to thank her family, her friends, and everyone who made this show happen.


Caroline Sanders is in 8th grade. Her previous performance credits include Trike Theatre’s A Christmas Carol, Sleepy Hollow and Peter/Wendy. She enjoys baking, art, cheerleading, and singing. She would like to thank Ella, her parents, Trike, Kylie and Lucy. 



Uma Kyles is in 8th grade. Her previous performance credits include Trike Theatre’s A Wrinkle in Time, Charlotte’s Web, Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse, The Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan, Sideways Stories from Wayside School, Peter/Wendy and Alexander Who’s Not Not Not Not Not Not Going to Move. She would like to thank her family, her best friend, and the Trike community.


Matthew Bragg is in 11th grade. His previous performance credits include Aladdin the Musical, Newsies the Musical, The Count’s Daughter, Trike Theatre’s A Christmas Carol, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,  Peter/Wendy, and Sound Design for The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. He would like to thank his mom, dad and his brother, Daniel.


Special Thanks

Thank you to the students, parents and families for supporting our young artists and Trike Theatre! 


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We gather here today on the ancestral lands that were home to the Quapaw, Caddo, and Osage people. We acknowledge and show respect to these indigenous people that occupied this land in the past, in the present, and those who will occupy them in the future. We acknowledge the ties these tribes had with the land in both spirit and with natural resources and hope that what we do here today will honor the legacy that Native people continue to build.


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